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Welcome David999999 Resident!!!

Posted by david

Since November 18 LL decided to close all the last name options and let open only “Resident” as a lastname.

So all the normal names are pretty much gone, and as there is any sugestion system, like: “the name you chose is ready toked we sugest this names….”, as I was saying there is not such a system, then poeple start to desespearate after couple of fail tries and come out with names like David999999 Resident or DavidnAHR4Life Resident or better yet davidsonRJnovAiguacu Resident, this are real names, and get use to names like those couse we gonna see lots of that, as time runs options are less and less and users pick more desperate names.

However, as LL is aware of this problem they have ready come with the solution. There is going to be a difference between display name and user name. The user name is the ID to log in, the display name is what it is shown on the tag. So it is posible to have people with same display name, but no with same username.

The Display name, also, can be change every week. So say this we can change our crazy names we force to create, for some more human-ish names. And we can also change them. This feature, however, is only avalible for users of viewer 2, they are the ones who can change tag-name, and see others tag-names, for users of other viewers, we don’t see any displayname but the username, cristal clear and we cna’t change or set up the tag-name.

Also there is bounches of scripts that work on basis of names, and now we have the problem if they will pick tag-name or username, for instance if you have a security orb with an access list, that list will go by the tag-name that can be easyly changed?. Now if the script pick the username and no the tag name, those cool functions that say your name, for examaple in clubs and games, will give some random crazy davidsonRJnovAiguacu Resident while everybody is reading your tag-name something different? like they will ask, who is that?

The new generation of scripts will take some while to come. But it will come.

Say that. Now we have to especulate on the whys, why they are doing this?

Send me your theories.

The most crazy and conspiratory theory will recive a surprice gift.


PD: This new change just killed My bro’s bot, and the cool http://slnamewatch.com/. (bro, log in I gave you a hug; they broke your toy, love you.)


Teen Grid is closing

Posted by david

Maybe becomes of interes of some, that the Teen Grid is closing down this new year, and the acounts in that grid will be transfer to the Main Grid.

Here a link on how all this is gonna be done.

Click here to learn more

So, that is it. Maybe someone should make a party or something to welcome them.



And She is NOT chinese

Posted by david

I am learning this song, it is how I undertood what S-C-A-L-A-T-E means.


Click on the link above.

PD: I wish Marilyn Manson cover that song.

Post PD: Before the cow she swallow a goat, it goes like this:

“There was an old lady who swalloed a goat.

Just opened her troat and swallowed a goat!

She shallowed the goat to catch the dog

She shalloed the dog to catch the cat

She shalloed the cat…”


Tutorial: How to Change Color Hair?

Posted by david

I am the firts kid with changing color hair ever, and me find everytime more kids having changing color hair after me, so i think it is way cool me started a fashion trend, and to ensure my fashion trend will expand all over SL me create this tutorial. And from now on, I name the changin color hair after me, so it is a David’s hair, and everybody have to name it that way from now on. and means changing color hair in a random way, yeah :)

This is a tutorial in how to have your hair turn into a David’s hair. Note, you can use for your tail, shoes and stuff too.

Firts you need a clear color hair, like blond or some like that, dark color hair will no work couse they are ready dark so you will no see changing color in those. And you need to have Mod perm on it so you can create the script.

So this is what you do:

1. Put this script on the content of the hair:

        llSetTimerEvent(5.0); // every 5 seconds

        llSetLinkColor(LINK_SET, <llFrand(1.0),llFrand(1.0),llFrand(1.0)>, ALL_SIDES);

2. You done, now your hair, tail or whaever is changing color really cool, like mine does. You Davided it.

Everytime more and more kids have changing color stuff. Don’t you be the last one couse the last one is sissy.

If have any questions, sugestions, TIPS, Contact me inworld David Thurman if have complains contact Zak.




Posted by david

This one is a little off topic post, It is about a project me have being working in from some time now. Probably something we can show and say a kid did it, like to relate good stuff to kids community and no just bad press.

What this project is about? well…

Imagine one day in the future when you no longer have to deal with boxes and boxes of textures, or use laggy textures viewers that eat lots of prims. Imagine one day on the future where you no longer will frustrate looking for a texture ending using whatever you get couse can’t find more. Imagine one day in tefuture when you can go to a website sears textures preview them and so, and then chose the one you like, the one you need, and have it in SL just ready to use…

Imagine that day in the future is today!!!

Let me give you…. ta ta ta taaaaa (this is suspense music)


Please check it out, if have questions, suggestion, tips contact me. Complains contact… uh…. Zak. yeah! :)


Stiv’s silly viewer

Posted by david

Kids do you remember that post Stiv did?, when he is trying one of his funny viewers and get the 3D thing, that you actually can wear 3D glasses on, and see the 3D world in real 3D?

CLick here to see that video

Well this is another viewer Stiv have, can make objects change colors and some other stuff, this is the video:

Click here to see another cool viewer

Way cool, isnt it?


Snowmen contest Winers

Posted by david

This is great news, I win the first place at the snowmen contest. So I get a trofeus bigger than me, this such occasion can’t go without a speech 😛 here I go:

 Thanks for everybody for participating, this is such special moment for me and my career. I wanna thanks the Judges Tjay, Murdock, and DJ Zeus. Also Ninja who organise the context and builded a beautiful little Xmas village,a and make the snow.

I wanna dedicate this trofeus, to my dads Randy and Dom, and to my bros Adz and Kaz. Hello every-bodies, Trod, Seth, Draco, Soky, KK, Gel… hugs.

The other entries where great too, the second place the Ripper, the 3th place the Robot. Special mention to the duck, the big snow ball and the smoker. Now lest see some picks.


snowman judges_001

snowman judges_002


Snowmen Contest

Posted by david

Hi all, the traditional contest on the Scout Camp is open, don’t forget to make your snowman. I ready made mine, I toke a picture off me next to it, I know it is really cute, come pass by, see what other kids are doing and show your own ideas :), hugs

Pd: The deadline for participating is December the 23th, the prices are posted on the board, see the picture :)

snowmen contest_001


Happy Hanukkah

Posted by david

This message is lithe late, couse Hanukkah started couple days ago, however, the ones of you who are interested in this event, in SL is a virtual synagogue where the Menorah is lighted, it is one candle every day of the Hanukkah. So come by and check it out.


Click here to watch a video —–> Happy Hanukkah (like still can’t embedded videos into blog)


Fidel Castro had died

Posted by david

So He went to heaven. When he interview Saint Peter (the door keeper), to get inside Saint Peter told him that He doesn’t belong to heaven so he must go to hell.

Ready on hell Satan welcome him as a good friend, and announces a big party for Fidel, but Satan notice that Fidel was kinda sad, so Satan says: “What is the problem my good friend?” so Fidel explained that when He was in heaven he was carrying 2 suitcases but in the hurry of the angels to kick him out from heaven he forget to pick up his suitcases, so Satan told him no to worry couse He will send 2 little devils to pick them up and bring them to hell.

So the devils were looking for the suitcases all around the line of people at the heavens door, so they find them but they were at the other side of the fence, so the little devils figure it out that they can just jump the fence really quick pick the suitcases and then go back to hell without trouble. So they start to jump the fence.

Angel Gabriel and Jesus where walking around commenting the new about the dead of Fidel, so they see the little devils and Jesus says: “Man, Fidel have no being in hell 10 minutes yet and it ready started the illegal immigration!!!”


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