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Posted by david

Every day I google Michael Jackson hoping to see the news that he is alive and well. I belive He is. It is just that google needs some time to figure it out. I have a list of signs that will tell that He is not dead, all is a mater of time.

Couple days ago I saw “Moonwalker”, a movie Michael made some time ago, cool stuff about the sparkle star; when you whis upton a star, all your dreams come true.

I still trying to learn the Thriller dance, it is not easy, one day I will make it :)

Michael, I love you.

PD: There is a virtual tour to Michael Jackson’s Arcade Room, if you wanna see how the kid have some fun click here, if you can download the whole thing, please send me a copy, couse this kind of things usualy don’t last for ever online.

  1. Adz Said,


  2. Adz Childs Said,

    “I’ll reach out my hand to you.
    I’ll have faith in all you do.
    Just call my name and I’ll be there. “

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