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Fidel Castro had died

Posted by david

So He went to heaven. When he interview Saint Peter (the door keeper), to get inside Saint Peter told him that He doesn’t belong to heaven so he must go to hell.

Ready on hell Satan welcome him as a good friend, and announces a big party for Fidel, but Satan notice that Fidel was kinda sad, so Satan says: “What is the problem my good friend?” so Fidel explained that when He was in heaven he was carrying 2 suitcases but in the hurry of the angels to kick him out from heaven he forget to pick up his suitcases, so Satan told him no to worry couse He will send 2 little devils to pick them up and bring them to hell.

So the devils were looking for the suitcases all around the line of people at the heavens door, so they find them but they were at the other side of the fence, so the little devils figure it out that they can just jump the fence really quick pick the suitcases and then go back to hell without trouble. So they start to jump the fence.

Angel Gabriel and Jesus where walking around commenting the new about the dead of Fidel, so they see the little devils and Jesus says: “Man, Fidel have no being in hell 10 minutes yet and it ready started the illegal immigration!!!”



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