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Posted by david

This one is a little off topic post, It is about a project me have being working in from some time now. Probably something we can show and say a kid did it, like to relate good stuff to kids community and no just bad press.

What this project is about? well…

Imagine one day in the future when you no longer have to deal with boxes and boxes of textures, or use laggy textures viewers that eat lots of prims. Imagine one day on the future where you no longer will frustrate looking for a texture ending using whatever you get couse can’t find more. Imagine one day in tefuture when you can go to a website sears textures preview them and so, and then chose the one you like, the one you need, and have it in SL just ready to use…

Imagine that day in the future is today!!!

Let me give you…. ta ta ta taaaaa (this is suspense music)


Please check it out, if have questions, suggestion, tips contact me. Complains contact… uh…. Zak. yeah! :)


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