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Tutorial: How to Change Color Hair?

Posted by david

I am the firts kid with changing color hair ever, and me find everytime more kids having changing color hair after me, so i think it is way cool me started a fashion trend, and to ensure my fashion trend will expand all over SL me create this tutorial. And from now on, I name the changin color hair after me, so it is a David’s hair, and everybody have to name it that way from now on. and means changing color hair in a random way, yeah :)

This is a tutorial in how to have your hair turn into a David’s hair. Note, you can use for your tail, shoes and stuff too.

Firts you need a clear color hair, like blond or some like that, dark color hair will no work couse they are ready dark so you will no see changing color in those. And you need to have Mod perm on it so you can create the script.

So this is what you do:

1. Put this script on the content of the hair:

        llSetTimerEvent(5.0); // every 5 seconds

        llSetLinkColor(LINK_SET, <llFrand(1.0),llFrand(1.0),llFrand(1.0)>, ALL_SIDES);

2. You done, now your hair, tail or whaever is changing color really cool, like mine does. You Davided it.

Everytime more and more kids have changing color stuff. Don’t you be the last one couse the last one is sissy.

If have any questions, sugestions, TIPS, Contact me inworld David Thurman if have complains contact Zak.



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