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Welcome David999999 Resident!!!

Posted by david

Since November 18 LL decided to close all the last name options and let open only “Resident” as a lastname.

So all the normal names are pretty much gone, and as there is any sugestion system, like: “the name you chose is ready toked we sugest this names….”, as I was saying there is not such a system, then poeple start to desespearate after couple of fail tries and come out with names like David999999 Resident or DavidnAHR4Life Resident or better yet davidsonRJnovAiguacu Resident, this are real names, and get use to names like those couse we gonna see lots of that, as time runs options are less and less and users pick more desperate names.

However, as LL is aware of this problem they have ready come with the solution. There is going to be a difference between display name and user name. The user name is the ID to log in, the display name is what it is shown on the tag. So it is posible to have people with same display name, but no with same username.

The Display name, also, can be change every week. So say this we can change our crazy names we force to create, for some more human-ish names. And we can also change them. This feature, however, is only avalible for users of viewer 2, they are the ones who can change tag-name, and see others tag-names, for users of other viewers, we don’t see any displayname but the username, cristal clear and we cna’t change or set up the tag-name.

Also there is bounches of scripts that work on basis of names, and now we have the problem if they will pick tag-name or username, for instance if you have a security orb with an access list, that list will go by the tag-name that can be easyly changed?. Now if the script pick the username and no the tag name, those cool functions that say your name, for examaple in clubs and games, will give some random crazy davidsonRJnovAiguacu Resident while everybody is reading your tag-name something different? like they will ask, who is that?

The new generation of scripts will take some while to come. But it will come.

Say that. Now we have to especulate on the whys, why they are doing this?

Send me your theories.

The most crazy and conspiratory theory will recive a surprice gift.


PD: This new change just killed My bro’s bot, and the cool http://slnamewatch.com/. (bro, log in I gave you a hug; they broke your toy, love you.)


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