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About me

Posted by david


When I first come to SL, I found myself in a virtual world that promises adventures and magic powers; like the ability to fly, the platform to create everything I can imagine, the possibility to edit all aspects of my appearance, and the TP thing, just to mention a few. So I realize that I am in a world of fantasy, adventures and a lot of stuff to do and to learn.

One of the things to do in SL is to edit the appearance as you like it, so I was playing/learning with that tool and found out that I can make the size of the body more shorter. So the first idea that came to my mind when I learned that was that I can have a shorter AV. I can have a kid AV. In that moment, (not only trying to define who I am but what is the best option to be in SL), I came with the idea that if this is a world made of fantasy, magic and imagination then there is nothing better to be, in order to enjoy this world, than a kid. I was 100% right.


I had play with a lot of different shapes, including: furriers, adults, vampire, furniture, tinnies, a refrigerator, animals and even an Invisible AV. And all of them are cool and fun, if you play them like a kid would play them. But if you are too serious, too “adult”, then you will not enjoy them nor find the fun in SL, no matter what AV you are using. And that is why I always come back to the kid AV, to remember to have fun, to make jokes, to learn stuff, to be open mind, and to be surprise with all the new things I see in SL.


Now I want to turn back the question, if you don’t have a kid AV tell me why.

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Introducing Myself

Posted by david
Hi, my name is David.

I am 5 YO, my Brother is Adz, My father is Dom and my other father is Ran (my fathers together make the RanDom team, the best super heroes in SL)

Also have lot more family I will made a drow to show you. And lot of Friends too.

Any question?

-What is your favorite animal?
A dog, a pony and dragons.

-What is your favorite song?
mmm, “Remember The Time” from Michael Jackson.

-What is your favorite name?

-What is your favorite color?

-What is your favorite place?
My home have a amusement park, after that the scout camp, the Nemo, the Koffee tree house, the vortex and the Aspen (hope don’t forget any place :)

-What is your favorite food?
Ice Cream and Pizza

-What is your favorite drink?

-What is your favorite celeberty?
Michael Jackson

-What is your favorite car?
Lightning McQueen

-What is your favorite snack?

-What is your favorite tv show?
Milk and Kokies is on TV?

-What is your favorite movie?
3 ninjas (I am Tum Tum)

-What is your favorite game?
Tiny Empires.

-What do you like to do for fun?
build, play in the Mary go around, listen Soky reading, hang out whit friends and family.