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Posted by david

Here my halloween costume: The inter plantainary boy. The best costume ever. So all my haters get over it, I am not a banana.

banana pirate_001


banana pirate_003


Jungle Fever Pyramid

Posted by david



As I wrote in my blog post yesterday (or the day before yesterday), In my search of fun and adventures I found my self in front of this pyramid that looks small from outside.





but you can’t judge a maze for its size, so I decide to call some friends in order to make a team of experts for exploring this Pyramid. The team was like this: 1 lil dragon (maze expert), 1 barbarian kid (for figting mommys and other monster that can be inside the pyramid), 1 scout (for orientation and surviving), and 3 other kids including me (just for fun the fun :)



In the next pic we are ready inside the maze, the stikes you can se are poisoned, what makes me take a note that the next time I should bring a doctor in the team, jus in case. This is a warning for everybody, we are experts and we know what we are doing, don’t do this things in your house, if you find in your basement a secret enter to an ancient place, keep away from it, for your good, and call the experts to explore it.



Mazes tipically have pluzes and stuff inside, in the next picture we need to alaing colors to open a big and heavy stone door, the barbarian kid prepares his sword and stands in front of the door, just in case.



OK, another complicate pluze, something to figure out…

Look!, a face, and it’s happy to see you :)

The barbarian kid, notice the theet on the face, he says that maybe the face is smiling couse thing we are it’s lonche.
Well, we had a great time, a lot of fun. This pyramid is a cool place. I learned a lot, and have fun whit my friends.
The Land Mark is at the top of this message. Now I’m going to play something.

Trip to the Land of Kong

Posted by david
We where doing scout stuff in the scout camp, when Ninja came whit a story about a corse place where great evil lifes, and so on, so we say we want him to show us the place, to see if all that stuff is real…

So Ninja bring us to the place in the picture. When I sow the place I feel like going back to the safe scout camp but my brother, Adz, whas there to protect me so I decide to stay and see what is going on whit this place.

The name of the place as we found out is King Kong Park, and it seams like a big Ape have destroyed the whole place, so the owners are considering to close it for safety reasons.

I was looking at that big stikes and wondering what are they for.
Then, from the shadows of the jungle this beast just jump on me, as you can see in the picture. I was very afraid, and now I feel really locky I survived 😛

I am joking, this is Porsche, my dog, he is very cool and playfull.

However I was playign whit my dog and then we hear a noise like GRRRR, but harder, everybody thoug it was my dog, but then we relice he wasn’t and then we sow the trees in the jungle moving so we run to the door, looking for a safe place… big mistake.

This is what we found at the other site of the door, the trees were broked, the building were broked, a big chain was broked, a camara was broked but we were able to make it work, in the tape was a movie about a big ape breaking everything.

Me and Porsche start to explore around and the other scouts let us behind, I was feeling confuse and lose, then a big Ape just jump in front of us and kidnap the only blonde beutty in the place… our good Porsche. It was one of the most sad moments in my SL.

In the picture I am sorprise when I sow the Ape, notice how Porsche didn’t even notice what is going on. This picture was tooked just few seconds before the Ape kidnap my dog.

There are some pictures about my dog and the Ape falling in love and that kind of stuff. You don’t want to see them.

So lest take the adventure in the good part. For several reasons that are complicate to explain, the big Ape, and my dog ended in the top of this building whit this red planes flying arround. The planes were trying to kill the Ape, and Porsche was trying to save the love of his live.

Here is another big monster in the top of this other building. You know that you are a monster when you are in the top of a building and there are some red planes flying around you.

Well, actually this is not a monster, this is me 😀 I was trying to climb this building to call my dog, but it was too higth so they have to send this firefighters air corp (FFAC) to save me.

Here I am safe, whit my brother, Adz, after the FFAC rescue me, he was very worry about me up in the building, but you can see him smiling now, becouse I am safe and complete.

Finally the Ape gets borred for the red plains so He TP to Africa, no before adding Porsche in his friends list. So Porsche came down whit us.
In this pic you can see that the Ape have one of those anoying particles TP things that when he TP he have to make everybody blind whit all his particle stuff. Maybe he thing that thing is cool, becouse he doesn’t have to be there to deal whit all the anoying thing, He ready TP out, so He doesn’t care.
Ok maybe I am not really that anoyed for all the particles stuff, maybe I am just jelous becouse the Ape and my dog. But i feel also Happy for my dog, He find a new friend.

In the picture you can see from left to right:

My bro, Adz;
Ninja is shoing his back becouse the particles stuff, we tool him to look at the camara for the picture but he just can’t deal whit the particles;
And Porsches.
And that is the end of the adventure. Ninja stays in the place, exploring around. Adz, the dog and Me went back to home, we toke a bath and went to sleep.
Nite :)