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Thriller Nigth

Posted by david

Me and my friends where dancing in a Club, when we start to mysteriously receive an object named “thriller dancer” from an Unknown creator. Then the club starts to play the Michael Jackson song, Before we realise what was going on, we where all TPed to a secret sim, smoke in the air, a commentary and then we change into a zombie army that dance all night long. That is the truth, To prove it we have a video, check it out:

Now the spooky part of this story, If you pay attention to the smoke it have the shape of Michael Jackson dancing!!!! many of us believe that Michael’s ghost was present there and dance with us. compare this 2 pictures and decide by yourself:



Dark pictures

Posted by david
Well, this is a cool feature SL have, for taking a snapshot. Instead of selecting “color” in the “capture” option, you select “Depth” when taking the snapshot. So It will make a gray scale starting for the objescts in the front in clor black and degrading to grays and finally white as the objects are geting farter. It gives some kind os gothic or sad feeling, but still being very cool.


Aspen Club


Koffee’s Club


The Vortex
This one is in the SLC main base.
Adz’s tree house
Some cool place for robot combat
The boy scout camp
Nemo beach
And that is it, I had lot of fun playing whit this picture option, the pictures are posted as SL delivered them. They are not edited in any way. I am the kid in all the pictures.