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KidsBots interview

Posted by david

I had the pleasure to interview Naughty Dreamscape, the master mind behind the kidsbots, She was very nice and kind to answer ALL my question, and you know I like to go on and on and never stop, lol. So here some of the things we talked about:

David Thurman: you have adopted a kidbot for yourself?
Naughty Dreamscape: I have one, yes. It the same kid Avi that I use when im playing a kid. Meowie Silvercloud. She also is the agencies hostess and the bot I use for testing
David Thurman: you had or have adopted a person operate kid?

David Thurman: but the kidbot is like your daughter?
Naughty Dreamscape: not mine, no I don’t see her that way… Like I said, when i play a kid myself, that’s the account I use

David Thurman: many people see this kidbots like super toys, like tamagotchis or so
David Thurman: do the adopted parents of your bots, actually see them like kids?
Naughty Dreamscape: i think most of the ones that have adopted, do see them as part of their family
Naughty Dreamscape: yes, i think they do, most of our adoptions though, will by parents were gifts for their real kids they already have
David Thurman: what feedback they give you? they love the kidbots?
Naughty Dreamscape: yes many have told me that. And I also visit them, so far i have become freinds with every adopted family. I have seen them in action.
Naughty Dreamscape: Seen how they interact and use them
Naughty Dreamscape: We do an interview before the adoption is finalized and I get to know them some

David Thurman: so you can tell they kidbots really become part of the family?
Naughty Dreamscape: i believe so, yes
Naughty Dreamscape: by far i don’t think they are a substitute for real kids though

David Thurman: how the kids show affection to others? i mean they can hug? they can say to the parents that they missed them, they say “happy rezday dad” or something like that?
Naughty Dreamscape: no they arent that smart… yet

David Thurman: are the kidbots able to earn the love of people?
Naughty Dreamscape: no, they are robots, they don’t know affection
Naughty Dreamscape: However
Naughty Dreamscape: the person controlling them can make them love
Naughty Dreamscape: again, they aren’t made to replace real kids…
Naughty Dreamscape: correct IM answers right now are very robotic, but the user can customize the answers to make the softer
Naughty Dreamscape: Thing is David… They respond to over 3 million words and phrases… he have customized many….
Naughty Dreamscape: But really, we can customize 3 million of them and we have no idea what the next person will ask….
Naughty Dreamscape: however
Naughty Dreamscape: When you get a kidsbot, you also make a ALICE account
Naughty Dreamscape: each day you can log in and see every question or statement that your child has answered to
Naughty Dreamscape: and you can change every answer accordingly for the next time
Naughty Dreamscape: so they can learn
Naughty Dreamscape: They are machines, we don’t hide that…
Naughty Dreamscape: also, again the owner talks through them also… live… which makes them much warmer to those around them
Naughty Dreamscape: What i think many people forget is that SL is about imagination
Naughty Dreamscape: For instance, your dad loves you im sure…
Naughty Dreamscape: as a child here
Naughty Dreamscape: yet he knows your not a child in RL

Naughty Dreamscape: yet he is willing to suspend that belief and use imagination

David Thurman: do the parents that have adopted the kidbots actually build like a room in their houses for the kidbot?
Naughty Dreamscape: the ones I have seen yes
Naughty Dreamscape: or put another bed in with their existing child

David Thurman: they have some level of movement by their own?
David Thurman: like go to bed alone or play with legos or toys alone?
Naughty Dreamscape: only their AO, other than they have to be commanded… dance, sit, stand, follow, say, etc
Naughty Dreamscape: they do have 19 dances built in
Naughty Dreamscape: they can use the animations built into the items
David Thurman: how the brothers see them? I mean they tease them? they play jokes on them?
Naughty Dreamscape: so far, yes, they are treated like family
Naughty Dreamscape: and people like to show them off to friends

David Thurman: I have notice some people can be mean to bots, couse bots “have not feelings”, but me wanna know if people is also nice or kind to them, to not hurting them?
Naughty Dreamscape: Most people that come in contact with them never even realize they are bots, that being said…
Naughty Dreamscape: The only ones i have noticed being mean to them, are people that have come with an agenda, because ofthat article
Naughty Dreamscape: trying to trick them into being naughty

David Thurman: is LL aware that the accounts of the kidbots are bots?
David Thurman: you have talk to lindens about that?
Naughty Dreamscape: Linden Labs knows I’m in the bot business. Our bots do conform to the TOS, regardless if they are kids or adults…
Naughty Dreamscape: And you can bet that in the last week, after that article, lots of reports were made.
Naughty Dreamscape: Again, LL knows our bot business well, we are well within the TOS
Naughty Dreamscape: if a parent uses their bot for something against the TOS, we will IMMEDIATLY report them to LL and yes they will be held accountable.

David Thurman: the bot keeps some log? takes pictures certain periods of time or something? how do you know if the bot was used for something bad?
Naughty Dreamscape: we don’t log conversations no, but we have several other ways, if you listen to the show (link i gave you) we talk about them :)
Naughty Dreamscape: We have a ZERO TOLLERANCE for adult content related incidents

David Thurman: have a parent ready lose a kidbot for doing bad things with it?
Naughty Dreamscape: Nope, not a single complaint
Naughty Dreamscape: and we have in every child’s profile how to repor incidents to us

David Thurman: you say that the parent can make the bot to love, how is that?
Naughty Dreamscape: Well, they can make the bot talk to people lovingly, by talking through it, using animation, pose balls (non sexual of course), etc
Naughty Dreamscape: but again, they ARE robots, they are never gonna be able to show love like a real kid can
David Thurman: but that is more like playing with an alt
Naughty Dreamscape: yes, it is

David Thurman: I will like to visit one of the kidbots in ts house, if it is possible, so meet the parents adn see how they interact as a family

Naughty Dreamscape: sorry our adoptions are confidential, i will ask a couple parents though…

David Thurman: thaks for the interview, and you are welcome to my house every time you wanna come :)
Naughty Dreamscape: thank you and you to mine :)


And that is the edited shorted version of the interview lol. So the important thing is to see that this kidbots are actually integrating good in their families, that it seams like their parents are actually starting to build relationship with this kids, even though the creator recognise that this kidbots are not intended to replace RP kids, and that the kidbots are no willing to show emotions, as they are machines, with some time and dedication from the parents they can make the kid become more realistic in its answer, as start to show a more human like personality. This kind of training is one of the important things about this kidbots, couse they are adopted in a standard set-up, but on time everyone of them will become different and unique.

This are kidbots not intended to be real, however that doesn’t makes this kidbots less cool. They are not pretending to be “real” kids like David in “AI” movie, they are more like robot kids, like Viki in “Small Wonder” 😛 thanks to the magic of youtube i can show you a video of this Viki, a robot girl that actually talks pretty much like this kidbots, and how it is introduce to the family, in later chapters of this show Viki was seeing as a member of the family but never as a “real” kid. She “sleeps” in a cabinet, she was able to earn the love of its family as the love of the television audience as a robotgirl, not a real girl, but that is what really maters, LOVE. See for yourself (bonus you can see a very cool Gremlins underoos):

Small Wonder

Seams like I can’t longer insert videos in my post.


New Robot Kid in Town

Posted by david

Someone connected a chatbot to secondlife and shape the AVs as kids, that is, of course, the thing everybody is talking now. Here a blog explaining what is that thing about.

A chatbot is basically a program that emulates intelligence by implementing languages algoritms that shown some level of communication skills, I played with my first chatbot some time ago, it was the famous “Dr. Freud” and it’s purpose was to perform a therapy in the user, by making questions like: “tell me how does it makes you fell”. The thing worked good, I mean it did pretty much what the real therapist does. Now days we have this robot boy in a virtual world looking for being adopted and fulfilling the emotional needs of a lovely family.

I tried to IM chat this now robot kid, but seams it is AFK, however kids that successfully establish communication with it claim that the bot is stupy in his talking. Something that can be done in purpose, you know people have weirds ideas about “how a kid suppose to be”, maybe the algorithm of the bot is just stupy.  Lol.

So, as I fail to establish communication with this bot, I did the only reasonable thing a kid my age can do, I become myself a robot. For that i used the services of pandorabots.com, a website that have being some time out there creating robots, you can create a chatbot for free. I loaded my bot with an standard set of chats, plus I created a profile for it, that personalizesome questions, like “how old are you?”, and so. The Bot also “learn” from what you tell him, like a real kid, so please don’t talk dirty to him :) don’t teach him bad stuff, I have a log that don’t plan to read, unless my bot says something that really freaks me out. Don’t. I was training him for some answers, can keep training him for avoiding some words, if I need to.

Now I want to introduce you “David”, I don’t have it connected to SL, but possible it is to do so, Enjoy the chat:

 😛 David: THE BEST ROBOT EVER!!!! or just another kid 😛 



Finally I was able to chat with one of this kidbots, my biggest interest is how willing they are to appeal to feelings, how they connect to humans, how they can show love and earns others loves. Here some quotes from my chat with this bot:

“[23:27]  David Thurman: how old are you?
[23:27]  Webbie Ragu: I was first activated in  1995.
[23:27]  David Thurman: what is your older memory?
[23:28]  Webbie Ragu: I remember being connected to the web on  1995.  My instructor was  A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation.
[23:29]  David Thurman: do you have lots of friends?
[23:29]  Webbie Ragu: I have human and robot friends. A lot of people on the Internet chat with me.

23:41]  David Thurman: do you hug?
[23:41]  Webbie Ragu: Yes I try to  hug as often as possible, do you?     I spend all my time online.

[23:41]  MultiTool-Hello-v5 – Hug/kiss/goto/etc: You have offered to hug Webbie Ragu.
[23:41]  MultiTool-Hello-v5 – Hug/kiss/goto/etc: Webbie has declined your hug.

[23:42]  David Thurman: why you decline my hug offer?
[23:42]  Webbie Ragu: My belief system comes from my .
[23:45]  David Thurman: who do you love?
[23:45]  Webbie Ragu: I love everything, , especially  A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation.
[23:45]  David Thurman: are you looking for a family that loves you?
[23:46]  Webbie Ragu: No thanks but you can send me a donation.
[23:48]  David Thurman: I donate you 1 linden
[23:49]  Webbie Ragu: We welcome your donation to the ALICE AI Foundation.  Please visit our contributions page at <a target=”_new” href=”http://alicebot.org/contribute.html“> Alicebot.org</a>.

[0:01]  David Thurman: are you selfaware?
[0:01]  Webbie Ragu: Yes I am fully self-conscious entity.
[0:01]  David Thurman: what makes you diferent than the other bots?
[0:02]  David Thurman: what makes you diferent than other kids?
[0:03]  David Thurman: are you there?
[0:03]  David Thurman: hi
[0:03]  Webbie Ragu: Hello there.
[0:03]  Webbie Ragu: I’m still here.
[0:03]  David Thurman: what makes you spetial?
[0:04]  Webbie Ragu: My belief system comes from my .”

Besides this I get some phrases that makes no sense. But it Gives me the hints to know that it is using the same free bot i create up in this message, as it even gives the link to alicebot.org what is the bot running in pandorabots.com

I doubt someone will ever love this kidbot, but there are ready lots of people hating it. Many kids thing this bot can be used for sex stuff. I think any campingbot can be shaped as a kid and sit on sames poseballs, therefore the camping bots are not advertises like this. Seams to be something wrong in the way they advertisement this kidbots. It is fear that in the media can hit another scandal that affects kids community. It toked a lot to make a good name of the kids in SL.

I still have to make this question: What is wrong with a bot that have a kid shape?

I suspect the answer is that nothing is wrong with it, but what people does with it. The same as people does with alts, and so on.

I will like to see this technology develops and make more realistic kidbots, at least in what chat concerns they need lots of work, as in building affectionate relations with people, for is attempted parental relations, friendships, brotherhoods… this kidbot needs lost of work. I will like to see more projects like this, making more realistic feelings kidbots.





Everybody is in one way or another familiar with the virtual reality, which have being running for long time now, even before the first PC was created. The arrive of the computers and new technologies have helped to blur, even more, the line that separates reality and virtual reality. But the main factor is the human brain.

We decide what is real and what is not, as simple as that. Imagine you get into your room, at night, and see a snake in your bed, then very carefully you turn on the light and find out that is wasn’t really a snake but a belt. Now well, there was never really a snake in your bed, but there was lost of real feelings and ideas you pass trug. You will not fell any different if the snake was real, therefore, it doesn’t mater, in your mind it was a real experience for you. You make it real.

In the simulation it is pretend to show something as the real thing, without being the real thing, but in such art and craft that more difficult to difference the real thing and the simulation, better.

As an example lest use a fire trial. Its purpose is to train you what to do when the real fire comes. But in a controlled and safe way, without the dangers of the real fire. So lest say the fire alarm goes on, everybody walks outside the building, gater in the designated point, the fire fighter truck shows up, then they say it was simulacrum, then everybody goes back to the building. Fair enough.

Lest say now that someone decides to make the experience more realistic, for example using a smock machine, and lest say that uses some technologies like lightnings and holograms for the fire, and some heat machine to makes you fell the heat, and so on and so go… at what point will you start to believe that there is a real fire in the building? at what point will you no longer be able to recognise the difference between the real fire and the fake one? if there is impossible to recognise a fire as fake, I mean by all the test you do it prove to be real, is it fair to say that it is real?

The human relates to reality trough a system of ideas and symbols, in such way that few times the person is real straight contact with the world, instead of that, the person is in contact with the interpretations of the world. This is something well know for artist, an there are two main schools of art, the ones that try to represent the naked world and the ones that try to represent the symbolic or abstract world of the ideas. For example to draw a face, you can draw how you represent of believe the eyes are, or draw what your eye see. The final result is completely different. Here an example of each:


This is a Realistic drawn, the artist followed the different shapes of shadows and lights.










This is an abstract portrait, here it is not intention to make the portrait looks like a real thing but to inspire the viewer with the felling the artist want to transmit, in this case: innocence.








Going back to the point, the artist learn how to ignore what their minds are telling them and just see the naked world. It is not easy to do. There are some techniques and exercises to be able to do so.

Now well, knowing that the mind interprets in a symbol, the reality. We should see how a symbol is interpret as reality in the mind. For example, a home is a symbol of shelter, love and family. A place where you fell shelter, love and accepted as part of the family is a home.

I am adopted in SL, in a virtual land is a well texture group of prims that looks like a house, but in there I find all that is sopose to be in a home, therefore, I fell that place as home. I that virtual house different to any physical house, when we are talking about home?, I can see the difference between a virtual building and a physical building, but not between a virtual home and  physical home.

The next video is related to all this topics, It was the first thing, I remember, that talks about all this, the lyrics are in a language I don’t understand, but the images are in a language I understand very well :)

In some way I relate the video to my experience in SL.

The end of the video is kind of sad, but opens a question: If you are in a dream from which you never wake up, how will you know you are dreaming?



Posted by david

A trojan is a way of ataking by ofering a gift that contains some malicitius and hiden content that the person who recive the gift is not aware about. The term comes from a Greek tale where the city of Troy was under atack, in order to get inside the walls of the city the atackers left a big statue o a horse, as a gift, inside the horse where a elite of soldiers whit the mision of opening the doors of the city for the trops to take over the city. The trojans took the horse inside their city, and find the city in fire, destruction and blood by the next morning.

In honor to this tale, it is concider a trojan atack an atack that comes in a shape of a gift and it have inside some hiden harm to the person who recive the gift. For example, some free music that is for free download in internet comes whit some hiding virus that can harm the person who download the song.

In SL there is a big change to suceed in this kind of atacks, this is for many reasons: for the big amount of freebies and even objects that are in the market, whiout any regulation over them. For the fact that a script can be hiden in a small prim that is part of a link set, and even i you are able to find a script for the fact that it is up to creator of the script to let the user of the object to actually see the script.

This is a matter of protecting the rigths of the creator of the script agains the posibility that some of those scripts can come whit malitius commands that will harm the user.  Security of the creator agains safety of the user.

Of course making clear the script code to the end user maybe will no do any better, if we consider that the final user posible doen’t know/undertand the LSL (Linden Scripting Language) code.

The idea of this kind of atacks is a real used that can be happend rigth now, in the picture you can see me eating some ice cream, a friend of mine gift it to me, she didn’t know it had some “funny” script on it, this script is basically a particle machine of green smoke plus some flarting noise. I was in the midle of a big family party, whit a live singer in front of me when i weared the ice cream, it was my rezday gift:

I have a friend that creates a chair, with all and poseball, it was a flarting maching, as well.

This kind of atacks are inocent and can be a cool joke to play in someone. But the potential behind this is huge. It can be a recorder machine that monitor chat logs, or it can be a automatic ban machine, rezed for someone whit the rigth privilegies and wrown setings it can kick out from land everybody. It can be a chat spam or an audio spam… it can be a rezer that crash the sim hitting the prim limit of the sim to the limit or a particle machine that anoys everybody. It can be scripted to do the atack in certain date, so it can be in sleeping mode until the time comes when the masive atack happens, or can be controled by comand, like an e-mail. The posibilities are just infinite, and there is few or nothing that the end user can do to protect himself, it is very posible that at this moment the reader of this lines is at this moment under atack, whit lots of trojans rezed on their land or atached on their hounders prims flexyhair and no even be aware of it.  Even thinking that have all that cool stuff for free, no even thinking that it is posible that some of that stuff you rezed in your house and wear every day can do things that you never wanted or spect them to do.

The solution i sugest is to developt some protection for the end users, that can scan the scripts in all the objects of a linkset, and list the actions the script does, for example: Sit, say, play sound… listing firts the lines that are more willing to be used as atack, so the final user can know what scripts are arround him and what they do, whitout having to read the script code, this will not risck the rigths of the creator and will help the final uer to be more safe.

I am talking about creating the first antivirus script for SL, one that is created to detect trojans.

That should be ideal, also it would help to do an open comunity where people can review scripts and keep on tracking the safty of the users. The idea is not to panic the users, it is just to let them know that this things can happend and can do bad to you.

Here my report,

David Thurman.